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Superman 007
Solar Power Backup System

Superman Solar Backup System provides emergency power to home and small office whenever the grid is down. The system Comes in 3 separate units (PV, Power core, Battery).

The Power Core provides 1500W A/C power output, composed of a 30A solar charger, a 200W HF switcher (AC adaptor) and an auto power switch. PV and Battery configurations are flexible to tie in with various budget choice.


● Pure Sine Wave 1500W Inverter
● MPPT 30A Solar Charger; 13A Adaptor
● Auto Transfer Switch
● Battery Management Module
● Lighting Protection
● 50W PV Panel Options
● 65AH - 400AH Battery
● 0.75KWH - 4KWH
● Solar and grid charging
● Everyday Solar Option to use up power generated by solar

Superman (Mobile)
Solar Power Backup System

Superman (mobile) adds the important feature, mobility, to the backup system. The user can take it anywhere in need of power.The 1500W output power is able to drive freezer, lighting, TV, ventilator and USB connectors all together. It provides convenience and power at the same time.


SUPERMAN (mobile)

● 1500W AC Pure Sine Wave outlet×2
● 5VDC USB port×3
● 12VDC DC jack output×2
● 12VDC Cigarette socket Output×1
● Input voltage:17-48V DC
● Input power:280W max
● Large LCD display for easy monitor of state of the battery
● Optional: Eco Tank 100 with 100Ah AGM battery built-in    Portable Power with chainable connection to AGM battery    from 100Ah to 300Ah
● 5Amp AC/DC adaptor for charging
● Dimension: 408×125×430mm
● Weight: 44.3Kg

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