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Automotive &
RV Electronics
Solar, Power &
Energy Storage
Smart & Connected Technologies
Rooftop Solar

About Us

ProVista Group is a Hong Kong based electronics conglomerate with strong R&D, Engineering and Manufacturing capacities, and excels in a wide range of electronic products covering power and solar energy, automotive,
lifestyle & care and security.

ProVista Inno Park

In 2017 ProVista acquired a piece of land at Songshan lake (Area 60,000㎡,P.R. 3.5) and kicked off the ProVista Inno Park Development Project.

ProVista Group

Promotion Video

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Founder and CEO Message

In celebrating the ProVista 25th Anniversary since its incorporation in 1995 in Hong Kong, ProVista is entering its prefect time now. I am extremely proud of what ProVista’s team has accomplished throughout the years.