We now live in a world surrounded by personal electronic gadgets and more people are enjoying outdoor activities as a part of their lifestyles. Designed for outdoor activities and indoor uses, Ecoboxx portable power station series has a robust construction design that offers backup power / portable power solutions on the go. Ecoboxx 500 Pro has a 512Wh LiFePO4 battery with a built-in 600W inverter. Equipped with different types of input/output connections for powering various types of products at the same time to accommodate most users’ needs. The device can be re-charged via a 8mm DC jack or mini-Anderson socket with standard adaptors or solar panels as a green energy source. EcoBoxx portable power series has a unique aesthetics aimed to be differentiated from the traditional tools & equipment product feel. It also offers options for various accessories to be fitted and used together with the device for customization and more user friendly.