Portable Power Generator EB150


Item Dimensions
Item Weight
150 Watts
7.09 x 5.71 x 1.97 inches
3.31 Pounds / 1.5KGS

【Truly Portable Generator for Camping】The portable solar generator comes with a compact design, A5 size, and weight at 3.3lbs which is light enough to fit in a backpack, a perfect power station for camping.

【Universal Portable Power Station】150Wh (39600mAh) battery-powered outlet with USBC 18W PD Charging, 1 QC3.0 and 2 regular USB and 1 DC ports are great for DC devices; 110V/120W(surge 200W) AC outlet supports a portable AC power.

【Multi-charging station】Apart from charging generac generator by AC wall adapter, the generator would also be charged at your car with the cigarette lighter cord; The built-in MPPT controller maximizes the overall efficiency of energy conversion when the specified 40W panel solar(excluded in the pack) is connected.

【Qualified product】The super quiet generator facilitates a silent and comfortable camping environment, it is totally environmentally friendly and will not release any exhaust pollutants. The generator is certified with CE, FCC & ROHS and our factory is also ISO9001, QS90000 and BSCI certified.

【Technical & Customer Service】Professional in-house and patented BMS Technology(Battery management system) provides remarkable power management on over-voltage, over-current, over-temperature, and short circuit protection. All the status are clearly indicated with colored LED and LCD display. 7/24 hours online support service and guarantee to solve your issue within 12 hours.

All in one generator

No power, no problem, power on our life anywhere

No power, no problem,
power on our life anywhere

Power generator for home use

Quiet generator for your home, office, and coffee shop purpose, noise-free and gas-free power station facilitates you a quiet and comfortable atmosphere, even just like a gentle breeze of spring.

Reliable devices support

Support the devices with Max. rated power 120W.

ECOBOXX 150S is tailored to design as a small power station for general outdoor and indoor use, it just supports the devices not over 120W, please kindly check your devices rated power carefully. If it’s overloaded, the generator will shut off automatically.

Truly portable power station for us

Easy to carry even for a kid aged at 5-6 years, dimension is quite close to ipa* mini, just weight at around 3.3lb, would be fit our backpack very easy.

Power options of the generator

Do you ever seen an A5 size portable power station but with all of the necessary functions? Would be an easy fit into your backpack, a generator for camping, and a whole house generator.

The super quiet generator would be applicable for a camping night, coffee shop as well as library, etc.

Portable solar generator -

The portable power station comes with a LCD display for our easy reference:
  • Input power in Watt
  • Output power in Watt
  • Battery voltage
  • Battery capacity status
  • AC fault warning: Over load protection; Over temp protection; Short circuit protection; -Wireless charging status

Multi-chargeable power station generator

Recharge the power station generator by 3 various ways:

  • Car charger: charging our portable solar generator on the way, just take 4-5 hours to fully charging by using the car charger.
  • AC adapter: we can always charge our portable solar generator by AC wall adapter, suggest to allow 4-5 hours charging.
  • Solar panel: by connecting a 40W max. solar panel and 5.5*2.5mm DC connector (excluded in the package) to allow 5-6 hours’ fully charging the portable solar generator (actual charging time is subjected to the sunlight conditions).

Perfect battery powered outlet

The battery powered outlet would support devices with Max. rated power 120W.

A perfect generator for camping and whole house generator.

The power station supports the devices not over than 120W, check our devices rated power carefully before connection. If it’s overloaded, the portable power station will trigger protection mode automatically, we would find different symbol flashings on the LCD and RED LED button light as a warning.

No power,
No problem,

power on our life anywhere

About EB150

Ecoboxx EB150S

Ecoboxx EB150P
Wireless Charging
LED Flashlight
USB-C PD Charging18W PD Charging60W Bi-directional PD Charging
(support Macbook Pro 16)
USB-A Outputs3*standard UBSA1*QC 3.0, 2 standard USBA
DC Output
AC Output
Protection modeOverload, Over temperature,
Short circuit, Low battery voltage
Overload, Over temperature,
Short circuit, Low battery voltage
Charging waysAC adatper, Car charger, Solar panelAC adatper, Car charger, Solar panel
MSW inverter120W120W
Lithium battery pack146Wh146Wh
MPPT solar controller 3A
LCD display
Product Dimension181 X 144 X 52 mm181 X 144 X 52 mm
Net Weight1.35kg1.42kg


The portable power station will trigger into auto-protection mode if detecting any defects of an AC devices:

  • Over loading: triangle will flash and RED LED will light on
  • Over temperature: triangle will flash and RED LED will light on
  • Short circuit: triangle will flash and RED LED will light on
  • Low battery voltage: triangle and battery icon will flash and RED LED will light on
  • Low battery voltage if without AC devices connection: ONLY battery icon will flash (the generator will work properly with 9V-12.5V voltage)

Please try to power off the generator for around 10 minutes then power it on again if it’s were in protection mode.



IF the RED LED of wireless charging is flashing, it might be caused by incompatible model of the smartphones.


It will be greatly appreciated if you would read and follow up the steps as stated on above picture before any returns with the reason of “defect, damage” etc., thank you all in advance!


  • Battery Capacity: 150Wh, 13.2Ah, 11.1V
  • Battery Type: Lithium-ion Battery
  • Rated Power: 120W
  • TYPE C 18W PD Fast Charging Outlet x 1: for 5V/3A and 9V/2A devices, special application for MacBook Pro 13 ONLY
  • 0 Fast Charging Outlet x 1: for 5V/3A and 9V/2A devices
  • USB A Standard Charging Outlets x 2: for 5V/2.4A devices
  • DC outlet x 1: for 12V/7A devices
  • 110V polarized AC outlet x 1: 115V/120W devices
  • Recharging Ways: AC Charger / 12V car charger / solar panels


  • Short press the power button to turn on the portable solar generator, hold the button for 2 seconds to turn it off;
  • LCD displays input / output voltage in “Watt”, battery and charging status in “V”;
  • Individual power control for AC outlet to avoid damage due to heavy loading, MAX support 120W devices;
  • AC outlet – Detecting defects automatically then the button light will switch to RED from GREEN, a triangle will flashing on the LCD, short press AC power button to shut down and turn on again;
  • Buck / Boost line MPPT charging: AC charger, 12V car charger and solar panel would applicable;
  • Support polarized AC plugs
  • Please fully charge the device before use


  • Portable power station x 1
  • AC Charger x 1
  • 12V Car charger x 1
  • User manual x 1


A: Please kindly refer to the approximate devices specifications as below:

  • 1 x USB Type C PD fast charging outlet: 5V/9V/12V/15V/20V/3A devices (rated power less than 60W), special application for MacBook Pro
  • 3 x USB A standard charging outlets: 5V/2.4A devices (rated power less than 12W)
  • 1 x DC outlet: 12V/7A devices (rated power less than 80W)
  • 1 x AC outlet: 115V/120W devices (rated power less than 120W)

A: Working time=150Wh * 0.9 / device rated power

For example, if rated power is 50W, working time will be 150Wh * 0.9 / 50W=2.7 hrs ( only for reference )

A: There are 2 ways to power your CPAP machine: 110V AC Plug or 12V DC Plug.

We strongly recommend that CPAP users use DC CONVERTER to work with this power station , to buy the DC converter, please consult with your CPAP supplier or simply reach us for a guide.