December 2021

Dongguan Protronic Electronic Ltd. was awarded the title of “National High-tech Enterprise”

High-tech Enterprise Identification Major Requirements

  • With core intellectual property
  • The enterprise plays a core supporting role in its main products or services in technology (which belong to the “High-tech Fields Supported by the Country”)
  • The proportion of the number of scientific and technical personnel engaged in R&D and related technological innovation activities to the total number of employees in the company for the year is not less than 10%
  • The proportion of total research and development expenses in the past three years (the actual operating period that is less than three years will be calculated according to the actual operating time) to total sales revenues in the same period has met thecorresponding requirements
  • The proportion of high-tech products or service revenues to the company’s total revenues over the same period is not less than 60% for the recent year